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VitmaAuthorTechnical characteristics
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General dimensions: magnetic field radiator: 110×80×45 mm
remote control: 120×50×20 mm
Magnet field radiator weight: 0,12 kg
Weight of remote control: 0,05 kg
Magnetic induction: surface 20-100 SI
Magnet spin velocity: 200-2000 spins/min
Power supply for the radiator: autonomous direct current of 5 to 6 V
Power supply for the remote control: autonomous direct current of 3 to 4,5 V
Application time: from 5 to 45 min
Average service time: not less then 3 years

A patent for a model of magnetic therapy devise "Vitma.pdf (0,143 Мб)

Certificate for the state registration of Ministry of Health Care of Ukraine.pdf (0,656 Мб)

User’s manual.pdf (1,80 Мб)

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